Journal Timeline form to overview project progress



personally, I would like to have a timeline journal style to have a complete overview of the project progress, something from the “Findings” which I find it very useful.

by the way, Agenda is good. hope more updates to come, also I think there’s need for more styles, like colours, highlights etc.


Thanks for the feedback!

Note that you can get a table of contents by clicking the project title at the top of the list.

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oh, I was thinking more of something like this…

14 PM


Ah, you mean that you can select a date, and have notes for that date show?

A workaround in Agenda would be to filter using the Search at the top. You can select a date, or range of dates, and only notes for that day will show.


I tried, however, I would still prefer an easier way to view it. Could be better. Hope this can be sorted out and add in to your improvement list.

Am looking forward to the iOS version, plus the ability to insert inline images (really need that badly…).