Itemized purchase

Would you consider adding the option to purchase individual Pro features at a smaller price?

For example, I want to be able to use the calendar features available in the Pro version, but I do not need the other Pro features and paying the full $25 (400ZAR) is a little steep for someone only needing one or two of the pro features.

Alas, we don’t think a pick-and-choose model works well with the type of approach we picked where you receive new premium features for the year following your purchase.


What happens after a year? Would I have to pay the full amount again to get new features after that?

Yes, you would keep everything you have up to that point, but you would again have to pay if you’d like to have any of the new premium features we introduce after that point (and it would again include 12 months of new premium features from the date of your purchase).