Italic does‘t work when type in Chinese

Hi there
I’m a fan of this awesome app, and I’m from China, when I typed some Chinese characters and wanna change theme to italic, nothing happens, so I’m here to suggest you could consider it in the next version

Thank you for your kind words, I believe this is indeed a current limitation that has to do with the font not supporting italic, @drewmccormack can go into more details.

Hmm, indeed, the font probably doesn’t support italic for the Chinese characters.

I actually didn’t know you could make Chinese characters italic. I just tried with Apple Notes, and it also did nothing.

Well, it work’s in my iPhone 8p, I hope this is not a big problem for you to fix it:)

There are some differences between macOS and iOS fonts. It seems iOS is able to do something that the Mac does not do, because the actual text handling is identical on each.

Thanks for reporting it!
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