It would be great to be able to insert clickable dates into a note

Often when I’m in a meeting or making plans for the future (writing in Agenda), I want and need to insert a future (or sometimes past) date—and then later when I have done the planning I want to be able to click on those dates to go to that day in my Agenda and create the appropriate notes/events.

This is an excerpt from my meeting notes showing where this would be useful to me:

  • Secret Santa
    • Send out an email allowing sign-up and suggest filling out profiles on November 3rd
    • Send a reminder email on November 10th
    • Sign-ups close November 17th, when giftees will be drawn—then you have 3 weeks to buy presents
    • A reminder email on December 1st—detailing that Rose will have Christmas bags at the party, find her and drop off the presents
    • Present handing out at dinner (or shortly before/after, depending on how it goes)

I know I could create custom links with URL schemes, but when I’m trying to quickly insert a date on the fly the most important part is that I select and type the right date (so I don’t try to schedule a work event for a Saturday, for example).


Indeed a nice suggestion, Apple does have data detectors for dates but these direct to its own Calendar app so we had to disable those to not have it becoming confusing. We’ll see if there would be other ways to do what you suggest.


Even a pop-up with a date picker to insert a date as text would be a great start :smiley:

This is a super interesting idea! Or something like \insert date-link(nov 10 2022) generating a date with a tag/pill-like look and that links like you say.


I would absolutely love a date picker within a note. I use this function a lot in google docs and it’s amazing. There are so many times when I put a date down and need to update it.

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