Issues With Annotated Images / Sketches

Few things with the movement and sharing of annotated images and sketches:

(iPad OS)

  • When trying to copy and paste and annotated image from one note to another, Agenda simply doesnt paste.
  • When taking the same image and sharing it from one note to another using the new share sheet, it works!, BUT when you open the shared image in the new note, and try to add further annotations, when you go to “close” the image, agena crashes and annotations are lost.
  • Trying to drag and drop an annotated image from one note to another, nothing happens, or Agenda crashes.
  • most of these issues are the same when trying them with only a Sketch, and not an annotated image.

Thanks for reporting. Some of these are known:

  • I just tested the copy of an annotated image, and it did work for me. So, how are you actually copying? Are you copying between projects? Can you see if it always fails for you, or only fails under specific circumstances?
  • Sharing of images inside of Agenda is not really something we have considered, to be honest. Not surprised that fails. In any case, it is unlikely it will give you what you want, because the image that Agenda shares will be a standard JPEG that other apps will understand, and so not an annotated drawing that you can edit. I will investigate what is going on here. We should in any case not crash.
  • We don’t yet support dragging images between notes. (The crash should certainly not happen though.)

Thanks for reporting these. We will investigate.

Kind regards,