Issues using keyboard maestro

I’m trying this approach, with keyboard maestro pasting in what I need. But what I’ve found is that the paste is good. Then I type some stuff into the sections (three bold lines as headers). Later on, I’ll notice that the first header has just completely disappears. Anyone else notice missing text later?

Is this reproducible? Ie do you see it every time? Or is it something you have noticed once or twice?

I’ve been doing the copy/paste template idea for about a month and all of the entries were missing their first line. I’ve just done a copy/paste template for today and I’ll keep looking at it to see if I can tell what’s happening when the first line disappears.

I’ve been watching the note this morning in the mac app. Added a couple of things to it. Checked it a few times. Title still there.

Went to a meeting. Opened the same note on my iPhone. It had synced (i.e., I saw the info I added to it before the meeting) BUT THE FIRST LINE WAS NOW GONE. Added a couple more things to the note.

Back to my desk and looked at the note in mac version. New things are there, title now gone.

This is actually the pattern I would have followed for all the notes - they are notes that I use during our daily standups.

Hi Michelle,

We fixed an issue with the title not being saved in the next update that could explain these issues, could you let me know if this still happens once the 7.0 update is out (most likely in 1-2 weeks)?

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Will there be a Beta for this release?

Yes. The beta is actually ready, but there is quite a serious problem at Apple that means we cannot upload it. They are investigating. We will have a beta available as soon as it is possible to upload.

You mean aside from iOS13 (:wink:)…?

I just posted a topic about this issue, but it wasn’t copied and pasted text, it was manually typed, but ALL the note’s data, and title were gone! The note also removed itself from its assigned calendar event…

And this was specifically after using Keyboard Maestro?