Issue with reminders in Microsoft ToDo

Hi Alex,
I don’t know if this has been already reported but I am experiencing some trouble with Agenda Reminders that I linked, via Apple Reminders, to the Microsoft To-Do.
When I create a new reminder on Agenda on my macOS (10.15.3), even if I set a notification time, on the To-Do app appears with no notification time sets up. Plus the reminder on Agenda gives me as only possible time the GMT (it means I cannot change it for my area, which is GMT+1).
On iOS (13.3.1), the same Reminder appears with the time sets up as all day; so the time of notification on Microsoft To-do is always on 12am of that day.
Any advise? Thanks a lot!

Could you post a series of screenshots of what you describe?s

Sure, please have a look at these series of screenshots.

  1. I have created a new Reminder on Agenda, connected with Tasks in Microsoft To-Do:

  2. When I am doing this I clicked on "Change Time Zone…” but it appears like frozen, and you cannot change.

  3. If I go on the Microsoft To-Do app, the notification seems disable and the time is one hour ahead. It appears like on Agenda it was set up as GMT (even it says CET) and Microsoft To-do transforms in CET, where actually I am in.

  4. In the end, on the Agenda Calendar on macOS the Reminder appears like set up correctly at 12pm.

  5. However, on the Agenda calendar on iOS the reminder is set app as all day!

I hope this can help.


I forgot to say:

  1. On Apple Reminders on iOS the event appears to be set like an All Day event:
  2. On Reminders on macOS it appears to be set as a 12am event: