Issue with Korean


I’ve been using the app appreciating its convenience and the great interface.
But I have to tell you there’s a problem with Korean language or maybe with an iphone.

I use the app on Macbook air and iphone 7 both and I have no problem at all with macbook though sometimes the input isn’t received properly because we sometimes build the structure of combining like bottom alphabet and upper alphabet become one letter. But otherwise it’s fine.

on iphone7, I guess it’s related to the text size,
when I write a sentence and sometimes the words closed to the right corner of the display disappear or the ending 2-5 words of a sentence disappear. It is quite disturbing during typing.

I hope I explained it well and I’d appreciate if you could kindly fix the issue as soon as possible.



Thanks for reporting this issue, would it be possible to send us a screen recording?