Is there the function to change the colors of the texts?

I just downloaded this app and I really enjoyed it so far. Thank you for all the effort and this is absolutely an amazing app to use!

However, I think there is no text colors function? That’d be a pity because it can help us highlight the key and important note for the agenda which saves our time to read the whole paragraph. I believe this is useful function for many users! Hope this feature will be added soon! I’m a big fan of this app now and really hope our feedbacks will be taken and can improve others’ experience in using this app too! I wish you all the success in gaining more users!

This isn’t possible yet, but we hope to make it possible later this year.


Any update on a potential roll out for this feature? It is essential for my work flow. Thanks.

No ETA yet, but the foundational work has been put in place.

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