Is there any option to connect notes?

If a note from a meeting is relevant to one or more other projects - is there any option to set an link between them? or would I have to copy the relevant parts?

best Annabelle

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You can create a link, by typing a backslash, then “link”, "note-title” and then by filling in that title.
This will create a link in the note you were working on to the note with the title you typed.
This connection will show up in the “related notes” section under the calendar.
You can also link a note to a project by typing “project-title” instead of “note-title”. That there is a relation between the two only shows up in the “related notes” when you have selected the note containing the link.



To add to that, there is also the [[ shortcut to creating a link. May be a bit faster.


Much better!
Forgot about that one.