Is there any kind of API for Agenda?

Are there any mechanisms for programmatically managing and updating agenda items with, e.g., a Shell, Ruby, or Python script?

I have found that the apps that I get the most out of, get hooked on, and even become an evangelist for, are those that I can extend, where I can write my own little utilities to manage the things that I end up doing repetitively or want to have done for me, in the background.

Does agenda provide anything like that?

I’ve been poring over the web site and the support forum and haven’t found anything yet. I could be asking with the wrong terms because I’m new here, it could be well hidden because the writers of the doc didn’t know what chapter to put it in, or whatever.


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Not a full api but have you seen: X-callback-url Support and Reference

if you have and it isn’t sufficient, I’m curious what else you have in mind?

Yes, exactly, this section of the community is all about this aspect:

The x-callback-urls are easy to invoke from all kinds of environments, including the terminal and scripts. Please note that right now the actions we support are mainly for adding content to Agenda, we hope to bring a counter set of actions for reading content from Agenda in future updates as well.

Thanks deiley, thanks mek,

I asked the question because I realized that I had installed Agenda but had been ignoring it because I didn’t have an answer to this question. The descriptions of how people use Agenda got me interested in the first place, but I haven’t worked with it yet, so maybe I’ll do something recursive and use Agenda to document my explorations of Agenda Callbacks to see what I might want to do with them.

Thanks for the pointers,

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