Is there an easy way to see all notes in date order

I’m struggling to find a way to view all of my notes from today backwards regardless of project.

At the end of my week or month, I like to review the notes I took the last few months to see if there is anything pertinent. I am looking to see all notes in date order first.

I understand the project separation when working on a project, but when reviewing my week, month, or quarter I would like to review them as a timeline regardless of project.

Is there an easy way to do this?

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The date first ordering is in the planning for an upcoming project of ours. For now, I’m afraid you can’t break out of the project ordering.

If you want to see any notes with dates in the last month, you could create a saved search. First select Search All, and set a range of dates in the search going back a month. Select it as a range, not as a single date. Then save the search as an overview (eg Last Month).

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Is this possible now in Agenda 18 to view all notes from all projects in date order?

Agenda 18 allows you to change the order and grouping on overviews. I don’t think there is an overview you could make for all notes, but you could make an overview of any search, and have that ordered the way you want.

This is what I do.

I also wanted a unified timeline of all my notes, but that’s easy to achieve with just a saved search. And with the search I can set how far back I want to go (one week, one month, one year, etc.).