Is there a way to reset a "Don't ask again" check box on the Mac version

I want to try removing the pop-up, from showing up every time I make an action
Especially the following one

“Remove completed note from On
the Agenda?
Do you want to remove the note from the
On the Agenda overview as well, or do
you prefer to keep it On the Agenda?”

I am scared to do so in case I change my mind, and want to change the default behavior.
Is there a way to reset the “Don’t ask again” setting once you have done so on the Mac?

Any help appreciated.

Yes, there’s a way to reset these warnings. If you hold the alt/option key and then go to the Agenda menu in the main menu bar it should show the option Reset Warnings… below the Preferences menu item.

I see the menu there.
Thank you so much

Sorry it just occurred to me that I may need to know the same thing for the iOS and iPadOS versions too.
It says:
Always remove
Do not remove”

I assume the “Always remove” option is the equivalent here.
Is there a way to reset this after selecting this option?

Thank you

On iPad/iOS you can do the same:

  • go to the Agenda preferences (icon at the bottom in the inspector on the right)
  • go to “Support”
  • choose Reset Warnings… at the bottom of the list

Great! and sorry, don’t know how I missed this.
I can now make my settings with a peace of mind.

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