Is There A Way To Edit PDF, JPG, Or Excel Files In Agenda?

I am trying to figure out if I can edit PDF, JPG, or EXCEL files in Agenda? The goal is for me to maintain attandance tracker within the Agenda application, without having to edit and re-save it in project or subcategory.

If not, is there a way to create an attandance tracker, like an excel table, that will allow me to make edits to it; like makings, to keep-up with tracking?

Any support is greatly appriciate it.

Not sure, as I tend to only add files to Agenda as reference documents. Files I want to edit live in the Finder for me, but I often link to them from agenda. To add a link, rather than the actual file, control drag from finder to note:

Indeed, there’s currently no way to edit attachments from within Agenda, nor can you open an attachment, edit and save it, such that it then updates the attachments on the note. Attachments are immutable at this point. We hope to make this easier in the future.

The two workarounds are to either after editing save the attachments as a new copy and then replace the attachment in the note with the edited copy, or if you don’t mind the attachment not syncing across devices, use the linking to a file solution that @trebso mentions. Technically you could solve the not syncing part by linking to a file in Dropbox for example.