Is there a way to batch tag notes?

I am doing a major reorganization of the way I use agenda. Prior to this process, I was not using tags, but I now need to use them. I am wondering if there is a way to select notes and batch insert a tag or tags into them.

In this specific instance, I have a semester’s worth of class meetings already set up—attached to calendar appointments, etc.— and I’d like to be able to select them all and tell Agenda to insert into them the tag #classes, rather than having to open each note and insert the tag by hand.

If there isn’t a way to do this, I am wondering if other people might have other use cases that would make this feature desirable.


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Something I also think would be great!

Not at this point, I’m afraid. The thing is, in Agenda tags are part of the text. They aren’t just attached to the note as a whole. So we wouldn’t have a way to know where to put the tag.

I guess we could put it at the end or something like that (eg Append Tag). We’ll think about. Thanks!

1 Like just puts it at the bottom of the note. I’d be good with that.