Is there a trial or Student Versoin?

Hi there,

I recently started using this app and I loving it so far. I would be willing to pay for the app but I would like to make sure it works for me. Is there a way to test all the features before buying them?
I was also wondering if you offer any student discounts?

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

I’m afraid we don’t have any trial for the premium features. Instead, we chose to offer the app free forever, with the basic features. You can get a good idea whether the app is for you using the basic app — including full sync between devices. The premium features is fairly self explanatory, and testing wouldn’t really achieve very much. The descriptions give a good idea of what they are.

No student discounts, or any other discounts, I’m afraid. If money is a problem, you are free to use the basic app as long as you like, at no cost. The premium features are convenient, but not essential.

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