Is there a shortcut to set a date in the text like the # or @?

It would really help to set dates to single lines just by a kind of hash tag.

Not yet, though we certainly have ideas about this.

You can use an app like TextExpander to enter dates the way you describe in any text area. Maybe worth a try.

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TextExpander works great for this, and other time savings items.

“ddate” gives me 06/28/19
“tts” gives me Jun 28 19 @ 7:23 AM —

and so on.

I have the “lite” (older, non-subscription) version of Text Expander on iOS. Date/time insertion is the only thing I use it for. Generally, it works fine, but NOT in Agenda notes.

Is this expected behavior? Is it possible for Agenda to recognize my TE version’s keyboard shortcuts without using the TE keyboard?

Haven’t had any success without TE keyboard.

Text Expander on iOS requires us to build Agenda with a special library linked in. We haven’t done that yet. We did investigate a bit, but it was not really easy because we have a very custom text editor. We will need to investigate further.

On the Mac, it should work.


Text Expander integration might be something to consider for a later feature, if Apple does not beef up the text replacement functionality.