Is there a document editor I can link to Agenda?

I love agenda for being Agenda for being able to track issues and follow them up at the right time and place.
I am not at the moment putting documents in my notes but rather using the link that goes back to my diary. However, if I need to edit a document that belongs to lots of meetings - or I simply need to edit and change it - is there a PDF editing app and or word app that anyone can recommend that would link back to Agenda?
I was going to use good notes - but you can only export - when you save inside the app there isn’t a way on generating a link that links back to that file. There is no way of using agenda to benefit my work flow to get back the file I want.
Agenda can help me track the meetings and issues that need to be fed into a document - but I need to be able to link back to that source doc. Hope I make sense. Help appreciated.

You can try notion, it generates a link to a specific page or workspace.

If you are working on a Mac, ctrl-dragging a file from the finder to a note, creates a link instead of embedding the file.