Is it possible to paste text and preserve strikethrough?

What I did:
Pasted text from OmniOutliner, and Microsoft Word

What happened:
Text that was marked as strikethrough in the other apps appears without strikethrough in Agenda

What I expected:
Strikethrough to be preserved…this is critical info to be discarding.

Related: is there a markdown equivalent for strikethrough that is supported? This could be used as a workaround maybe…

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I just tested this on MacOS 10.14.6; Agenda version 9.3.2

Thanks for any guidance…

At this moment the formatting is not preserved, something we’d like to try to do for the simple formatting options (bold, italic, etc) in the future. In the mean time we do support the double tilde ~~sometext~~ markdown format for strikethrough.


Given that the text fields in Agenda do display formatting, it’s worth thinking about that this can cause unintentional data loss. Say I have work done with formatting, and strikethrough that isn’t immediately on screen when I paste into Agenda. I may not realize my formatting isn’t coming through, only to find out later that it isn’t there when it may not be recoverable any longer.

Maybe consider changing the wording of the “Paste” menu command when the clipboard is loaded from another app to “Paste unformatted” or something similar. I understand it doesn’t look great, but this is an important distinction when pasting from non-markdown sources (like, for instance, notes a co-worker sends in Word document or email)

Anyway, glad I understand the behavior now so I don’t get tripped up by this again.