Is it possible to pass JSON To Agenda from linux?

What I did:
Im working on a Linux machine and Im using Agenda App, Im loving it though
I have alot to document, and i wish to transfer my steps and notes to Agenda app, as its not possible to run Agenda outside of an Apple device

Is there any possibility to transfer notes from Linux to Agenda?
without making it to much of a hassle?

Not yet, I’m afraid. All I can think of is perhaps adding markdown files on linux to Dropbox or some other sharing service, and then importing those into Agenda later.

We have been discussing the possibility of perhaps keeping a folder full of markdown versions of the notes in sync, for use on other platforms. We are considering it. (Another option is some sort of web app.)

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Can agenda render md files?
The same as creating agenda notes? With tabs and bullet points for example

This could help a lot

I’m struggling syncing my work with agenda

Yes, you can import Markdown files into Agenda.