Is it possible to create dropdown lists/checklists?

I’d really like to be able to create a dropdown checklist so I can list all of my tasks & subtasks in one place and be able to see my main tasks without the clutter of my subtasks. Is this possible?

Not at this point. There are some options to copy just unchecked items, or move them to the bottom, in the Edit menu. But for now we don’t have anything that hides and shows sections.

We are currently working on collapsing sections manually for Agenda 20, and also filtering paragraphs (eg only show unchecked list items). Would these options be enough for you, or are you looking for something more?

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Those options would be perfect. I’m really just looking to be able to collapse sections (similar to Notion’s toggle list and toggle headings).

If collapsing sections comes in Agenda 20, will it be available for free users, or only for those with a Premium membership?

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Which parts will be free and which parts will require the premium membership we haven’t determined yet, usually it’s a mix of both.