Is Agenda for me as a senior in high school?

I am a senior in high school and am looking for an alternative method of writing down my assignments, tasks, meetings, ect. I’ve used many tools to log my tasks; a physical agenda, which became problematic when my workload increased, and the calendar and reminder app on ios. I prefer using a digital interface, but Apple’s software is just not cutting it for me. This year I need a program that will:
1. Write my assignments and write down questions I may have for my professor
2. Organize larger projects, such as essays, into pieces and assign a day in which I will complete each task.
3. Write down the deadline for each college I am applying to and what I need to complete for each school.
4. Write down appointments I have
5. Write down any random thing I need to complete with no specific timeline.

If Agenda is the right choice for me how should I go about organizing my tasks, and if not what other programs would you suggest.


I think Agenda would be a great choice for you!

You’ll find the ideal way of organizing it just by playing with it and seeing what works best for you, but one way would be to have a Category for School with Projects for each subject and Notes within the Projects for research, essays, assignments, etc. If you find that makes your Notes too crowded, you could make each subject you’re studying into a Category and make research, essays, etc into Projects with detailed Notes within each one.

You might also like to set up a Category called College, then a Project for each one you might be interested in applying to. You can then add as many Notes as you like for each, with what impresses you about them (and what doesn’t!), what their requirements are, what dates you have to apply by, etc.

The best way to handle dates, eg for applications, essay deadlines, etc, is to link them with your Calendar (I use the native Apple one, but Agenda does support some others). With an Agenda subscription you can do that from within the app, but it only takes a moment to do it separately if you don’t. Once you’ve done that, you can link it with your Note about the application date (personally, I would give myself an extra Note reminder a few days ahead & link that with my Calendar, as well!).

You can also add Categories for anything else you want, of course, including for ideas and random stuff you just want to put down while it’s fresh in your mind. I call mine Inbox, and I make it a hashtag (#Inbox) so it stays at the top and shows up as my first Category for fast access.

Hope that gives you a good start - enjoy experimenting with it! :blush:


Have you looked at iStudiez Pro?
I used it quite a bit in undergrad, and it helps with the things you mentioned.

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For the specific needs of keeping your schedule and workload together I would recommend iStudiez also.

I don’t think it will do everything but was excellent for me keeping on top of my MBA classes and assignments.

Agenda would’ve been great for my note taking though.

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