Irregular padding inside tags when emojis in use and random font changes

I’ve noticed on iPad that the padding inside the tax ‘boxes’ is oddly aligned when emojis are in use on the same line. I use emojis a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve tested on all font sizes and line spacing options - smaller fonts just exacerbate the issue but its consistent otherwise.

It does NOT occur with preformatted font. I’ve noticed that sometimes when creating emojis that subsequent text ends up as ‘preformatted’ so perhaps there is some relation.

Occasionally this also results in a strange glyph before the emoji when you backspace to that line.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a tag, press enter. Tag font stays vertically centred.

  2. Create a tag, press space, insert an emoji or any text and an emoji, press enter. Tag aligns to bottom.

The ‘glyph’ issue seems to be pretty easy to reproduce, use emojis, backspace over them and put new ones in and you get this:

In MacOS version the line spacing seems to change but the tag padding stays looking good.

I can’t reproduce the weird emoji glyph issue on MacOS either.

Seems like the emoji is changing the baseline of the text in some way. We will try to look into this. Thanks for reporting it.

I think so

I notice there is some shifting of the line (down) on MacOS version also.