iPadOS project side bar

Comparing the left side bar in MacOS and in iPadOS, the iPad version feels completely out of scale. On MacOS the text on the left and right side bars is the same size, unlike the iPadOS version.

I have a lot of concurrent projects and on the iPad 12.9” screen I can only see 8 of them, needing to scroll for the other 12. The text for the project names and the spacing between them is very large, and I can’t find a way to reduce the size (let me know if there is a way). It even cuts off the project titles on the right side, which doesn’t look good. The text size is massive compared to the task copy in the centre, and even compared to the calendar side bar on the right.

The scale of the three panels feels about right on the MacOS version, any chance we can fit a little more content on the iPadOS project side bar by reducing the text size and spacing a little?

Of course, we can consider tweaking things. Perhaps it should be a bit more compact.

But you can’t really compare Mac and iPad directly. One is primarily a touch device. All Apple apps are more spaced out on iPad in general, to allow easy use with fingers. Agenda is the same.

So it was a deliberate choice. We didn’t just directly copy the Mac UI on iPad, because that would actually lead to problems of usability, where you can’t easily select projects etc.

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Exactly what Drew says, the iPad source list is using the standard 44px height that Apple advices for touch input. A mouse is much more accurate and therefore needs much less height to create reliable hit targets, and therefore the sidebar on Mac can be much more information dense.

I understand of course, and I’m not suggesting a cramped UI. I like the look and feel of Agenda and the touch usability needs to be paramount.

The nature of my work means that I need a large number of sub-categories for my client’s different product divisions, which makes for far less space for the actual projects to be shown. I’ll see if I can reduce the length of the project titles so they fit in the side-bar better (not easy when you work in healthcare, where long names, titles and descriptions are the default!).

:+1: Btw, don’t forget about the Quickly Open feature, which might very well be a faster way to navigate to a note than through the sidebar if you have a lot of projects.

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