iPad: when (right) left sidebar displays, the notes pane doesn’t shrink to fit screen. Edit: I meant left, not right

Title says it all

When the right left idebar is open on iPad, the notes pane doesn’t resize to keep all the text visible. This behavior seems opposite to the Mac app。would be great to get this fixed

Edit: I’m dumb. I meant the left sidebar. Herp derp.

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It is actually not broken. The Mac will actually do that too, if the window is quite large.

What happens is that we determine a good readable width. We then try to keep the text that width. If we don’t do that, the notes get thinner, and everything jumps around in the timeline. It is not fun to work that way in general. You don’t want things jumping when you simply want to check your recent edits.

On the Mac, you will only see the notes resize when the window is small. For large windows, it moves the text over.

On iPad, we have less room. We can’t just move over the text, so we float the right panel on top. You can then bring it in, do something, and go back, without the note completely changing shape and size (not to mention other notes in the project).

Hope that explains our motivation. They are just two different types of devices, and our solution is slightly different on each.

Thanks Drew for the quick response. I actually meant the left sidebar. This is why I shouldn’t be writing anything that anyone can see in the early morning.

The right side bar behavior makes sense on both Mac and iPad. The left side bar behavior iPad is frustrating. I’d like to be able to see my projects and notes at the same time as with Mac.

I think that will work in landscape mode on iPad. In portrait mode, there isn’t really the space to do that well, which is why we push the content off the side. It is really just to navigate to another project, and then focus on the note.

If you want to see both, I suggest trying landscape mode. Pretty sure that works.

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Yep. Landscape mode works great. I understand the logic of the current behavior. Thanks for taking the time to respond!