iPad Pro pencil



Penicil support is the only thing holding me back from really using the app.


The ability to draw or handwrite notes would make this app a 10/10! I still love everything so far, but currently I have to take my handwritten notes in Apple Notes, then drag the image into this program. It is not difficult, just not prefered. Otherwise, you guys are doing a great job! Keep it up :slight_smile:


We plan to start on this in the coming months. Stay tuned!


I am using MyScript Nebo right now in a split screen mode to create fast and quiet input, then copying and pasting noted into Agenda. Mostly good except then I can use any of the insertables in Nebo like drawings, annotations and images. Annotating images is a big one too.

I think most projects we work on benefit from those features. Agenda shines with its take on managing the project text details and scheduling tasks. It also outlines well and that is really big for me in any note taking exercise.

You guys do know the MyScript API is available to developers right? It has a cost but I would pay an annual fee for Agenda if it had the Nebo API features included.


I’d love this so much. I use Nebo cons-tan-tly.


We’ve indeed looked at this but pricing is very steep alas, not very compatible with the current 9.99 price on iOS.


Well, I hear you on the price. I’m sure your marketing people (person?) is fixated on the 9.99 price. The MyScript API is priced upon use so if an “Addon” specifically for the API was say - I donno - $5.00, it would be up to us as consumers to decide if we wanted it, not marketing, if the API was fully integrated.

There is another approach possible. My guess is that those of us using it side by side now would really appreciate the ability to insert the features of MyScript ie the text, the images and such and we cover the cost of using MyScript independently. As mentioned, this is only possible now limited to text.

It seems from my brief reading in the forum so far, drawing and images are on the roadmap anyway. You might consider those of us copying and pasting when designing the feature into Agenda.

I really like Agenda so far a lot. It’s feeling incomplete for my workflow without the use of the pencil and conversion. Sketching and columns side by side are part of many notetakers workflow. For example, my background is with software development companies and when we worked on a project, we always had drawings and flow charts on a whiteboard as part of our discussion.

Again, as a consumer, I am willing to pay more to have the solution complete for my use case. Maybe modularizing this feature and segmenting the pricing might be a way to breakout the cost for those who really want and need the feature set.


Support for drawing and handwriting is high on our list to support. It won’t have conversion to text though, at least not initially.

The price for MyScript is per device. This starts to get pretty expensive unless we ask people to pay a subscription, or a high upfront cost. And it makes our whole sales model quite messy. We will continue to think about what we could do.

Copying attachments etc is probably the easier approach for now. Note that we do support attachments and images already, we just haven’t got around to allow rich text with attachments to be pasted in. We will look into that.


I understand and I was thinking about this more today. Maybe a way to approach about this might be to, (still finding out / learning how far Agenda’s capabilities are for this so bear with me :)), is to first simply allow the ability to attach things easily. External notes, drawing images, file formats like txt, word, pdf, html etc. Allow the external applications to be launched via the linked attachment.

This way all the features are supported but don’t have to be utilized inside Agenda.

What do you think of that idea?


That’s exactly what has been suggested previously. Don’t add bloat. Add the appropriate Share option(s) to import the ‘objects’ from the appropriate/your best app. Let Agenda be Agenda. Win/win.


I would say that is a good short term solution, but in the long run, might not be enough to hold the market space. One way to look at that might end up being a consumer might be more willing to pay for a unified solution at some price point than a more complicated workflow. As cool as a split screen ios is, it’s just not optimal. Most note takers in my reading (at least on the iPad) prefer written input as one of the core features. Noteability misses the mark with poor and kludgy handwriting recognition.

I tried to use Nebo aside Agenda today and it was to be honest, still cumbersome - even for just text.

At some point, some product will get all the pieces working together. Discussions in many paperless and other similar discussions consistently describe the hope and specification for a unified solution.

Again, I think Agenda’s approach to projects, scheduling and timeline view are VERY cool. The question is to be born out if that is enough. I am “rooting” for Agenda as much as possible.