iPad Pro pencil

An offical Inbox Folder (Project) could be a solution

@drewmccormack great news and i believe it’s all whats needed now, and IMO a must have for Agenda, fingers crossed to get it as fast as possible, Thanks :+1:

Try mazec out, it’s a handwriting keyboard app in the App Store, that may help out with what you’re looking for.

Can’t wait! Even minor notes/drawing support will be so wonderful to have!


+1 - please add Apple Pencil (1 & 2) support

So glad to hear this as well!

I too would love Apple Pencil integration (or the ability to export hand-drawn diagrams from GoodNotes into Agenda).

Dito. No pen, no agenda.

@r.jaber notability can now convert to text Ur handwritten notes

We have plans to begin on this in the coming months.


Will the ability to search ha written notes be available? When do yo expect this to become available for beta testers?

Just a business tip - when you get the Pencil support out, I would accompany with a big advertising campaign. In speaking to fellow project managers, they are as frustrated that they can’t find todo apps with Pencil Support. I will personally recommend Agenda to all of them. You’re already the best looking app in this category - the integration of Pencil support will just put you ahead of everyone else. I’m sure Apple would be happy with it too.


Is there a roadmap available? I absolutely vor for Pencil Support. A first attempt to have it as a pure GFX attachment would help a lot. Transcription can be there at a second stage…

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Even annotating pdf files in agenda would be appreciated! I would quit every other notes if this is achieved.

Annotating PDFs is really a different feature. We couldn’t do that ourselves, and would have to license it from others. Could be expensive.

In any case, if we add PDF annotation, it will be independent of Pencil drawing/writing.

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Wow I didn’t know that would be expensive to attach a file and annotate it using Pencil like in Apple Notes. If that’s the case, I guess annotating pdf without Pencil would work for me as well.

Thank you for the good work!

Hmm, good point that Apple have this technology. We will see if it is possible to use it. I’m not sure they expose it to developers, but they might.

I would like to annotate documents/PDFs I added to a note…

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kudos on the app! can’t wait for the integration of the Apple pencil for drawing purposes. it’s quite tedious atm without that integration. just simply as it’s used in Apple notes. waiting…

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I would like to be able to read my notes as they often have drawings interspersed with the text.

Holly Norris


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