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Can you explain this? Do you mean you want to annotate a PDF file that is included in a note? Or do you mean annotate directly on top of the Agenda note text? If the latter, how would you expect that to work when the note changes width, or goes to another device with a different screen size?

  • Direct Handwriting
  • Drawing/Sketching

Will be really great, thanks!!


I’d think it should work like Comments in Google Docs, ie a pop-up window that accepts handwritten annotations and is tied to a specific location in the text. Alternatively, you could open a subwindow devoted only to handwritten data type, like placing images in any word processing sw.

Use case 1: you send out the meeting agenda in any text form, I copy/paste it into Agenda and add floating notes to each agenda item.

Use case 2: I start a note by typing text—because I’m in a situation where typing is easier—and want to add to it somewhere where it’s easier to handwrite.


I think the most likely scenario is that we will add the ability to draw images, so you can write and keep handwriting if you choose, and we will also see if we can add handwriting as a text entry mechanism. Those two are most likely. I think any sort of annotating or drawing on top of the text would be quite challenging across different screen sizes, and is lower down our list.


Hi thank you for this thread, most importantly thank you for this app.

Just wondering, where there is in the list of priority for release?

please advise. thank you


See The features we are working on right now…


+1 for this.

Apple Pencil integration with pressure sensor (when I draw with higher pressure, line is thicker) and different colour tones based on angle I’m using Apple Pencil would be good.

I’m not asking for picture annotation, I just want to draw into my notes :slight_smile:


Please add me to the set of people wanting to be able to use handwriting to produce text within Agenda. I use my SmartKeyboard most of the time, but there are times when it’s not appropriate or not available, and some times its faster to scribble with the Pencil. I have used MyScript’s recognition both in Nebo and in their no-longer-supported MyScript Keyboard (which I much preferred since it worked for any app). The ability to write notes and have them converted as has been introduced recently in Notability is an option, too.

Having this capability, plus the ability to scribble a quick diagram, would nicely round out Agenda’s input options. I hope we’ll see something like this in the not-too-distant future!


Hi Steve,
So your main interest is to be able to write with Pencil and have that converted to text, with the original handwriting discarded? Would that be a good summary? Or is it that you actually want to be able to read your handwriting in future?
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This is a show stopper for me on the iPad. I love the intergration with the Mac but without pencil. I’ll stil to other apps.


I’d really appreciate this type of functionality. I have difficulty using my fingers to type on the iPad keyboard due to a medical condition. I could get a keyboard for the iPad but that kinda defeats the whole lightweight convenience thing. The pencil with handwriting recognition would make this app absolutely perfect for me.


I’d like to be able to use the Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes too.


Being able to convert handwriting to text would be a bonus


Hi guys, just downloaded your app. I was looking forward to start using it but without the hand written notes I just can not. I use my iPad to take notes with customers and in meetings and it always more friendly to do hand writing so the customer can see what I am writing, something that I can not do even with the iPad keyboard.

I use Nebo but as you already know it does not synch wythe the laptop and it is quite heavy.

Hope you can add this feature soon.

My suggestion would be note taking with the apple pencil and text recognition.


Why not use the Mazec keyboard? That’s how I’m writing this post!


Hi Drew,

I would be strongly interested in freehand drawing but also assisted drawing for things such as a diagram.

The rest would be just a nice bonus.

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Same way handwriting works in Pages or Word, it anchors to text in the document, so different devices or views doesn’t break the annotations


Hi Peter,
So you want something that overlays the text? Ie the images go on top of the text, so you can draw arrows etc?


Yes precisely, arrows, annotations, etc. Realise this is likely a lower development priority, but would allow richer interaction with notes.


Try Evernote and Penultimate. you can use Penultimate on an iPad to take notes, it then syncs to your Evernote account, which you can then open on your laptop/pc