iPad: On-Screen Keyboard obscures table

What I did:
I don’t know if this is already a known issue. However, I created a note with text and a table in it.

What happened:
When the table is in the lower third of the screen, and I try to enter text in a table cell or try to add a column/row, the table is obscured by the on-screen keyboard. A column/row can thus no longer be added and text can only be entered blindly (see screen recording of test note).

What I expected:
That the note content scrolls up so as not to be obscured by the on-screen keyboard.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPad Pro (10,5 Inch), iPadOS 14.4, Agenda latest version.

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll do our best to improve this.

Thank you very much for taking care of it :+1:.

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