iOS9 support for iOS app

Any ideas on iOS version compatability? Please consider iOS 9 :slight_smile: even though it is a stretch.


+1 iOS 9 It is a good idea!

It’s unlikely we’ll support iOS9 I’m afraid.

Disagree it’s a bad idea if it involves extra work. iOS 12 will be out this year and that should be the focus. I understand the intention but OS from 4 years ago are just too old.


Which APIs would you be using that are 10+ only you think?

Don’t really want to get into technical details, but Apple introduced much improved drag and drop, and text editing is changed considerably, which has big implications for us (of course). Supporting old OSes means we have to do many things twice, to support probably only a few percent of all customers.

I know it is frustrating if all you have is an iOS 9 device, but we have to be practical, and generally have to choose the path that services most customers. Sorry.


No worries, I’m an iOS developer myself so mostly curious that’s all. I’m familiar with legacy support and the headaches it can bring.

Are there plans for integrating with other apps or any way to go that route? I know iOS 9 has a lot of differences so an app won’t happen, but if there are any dirty work-arounds, that would at least make it possible to have access to data you need.

No plans, other than that you can export your data in standard formats like PDF, RTF, Markdown and HTML. Perhaps if you export to Dropbox, you can have readonly data on the iPhone.