iOS Widget upgrade

it would be great to be able to use a note with only todos as an iOS widget.

so note type would be cool, full fetured or just to do to allow for iOS widget quick look.

I think this would be great too, but widgets are very restrictive. You can’t scroll them, which means you would only see the first few lines of any note.

We’ll keep it in mind, as we will probably improve widgets in future. But I’m a bit worried that it isn’t that practical to actually edit notes from the widget area. They are more designed as a shortcut into a particular place in the app.


@phillipmichael would you share which app offers the « my goals » widget on your screenshot?

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Yeah, I wouln’t want to edit them in the widget even if I just saw my bulleted lists for today depending on the category I choose to have the widget exist in (client category, life category) similar to Reminders taht wont show you all but some. It would help me be centralized to the one app.

Sure, its called Thrive but I think it was discontinued by the developer 11Labs.

If Agenda had this built in - i’d just live in the app and use it enturely lol (its almost there already)

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Yeah, even if I can’t scroll on the widget - seeing the first few checklist items in my notes would trigger me to jump in—so choosing a specific note would be an awesome feature.

It’s all about the triggers.

This way, I have my grocery list here and I can add multiple iterations for other lists. Lol

You mean you want to be able to make a widget for any note in your library? Yes, that is a common request, and we are certainly planning to do it. These things are not trivial though, because Widgets don’t share the same data as the main app, so you have to find a way to export all the data needed by the widget. We can do that though. Just need to find the time…

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Oh wow, I had no idea it wasn’t feeding from the apps when it came to widgets. That sounds like a lot of work to have to constantly export and then feed into a widget as opposed to having the widgets be a natural extension of the main applications data. Not being a developer I definitely didnt know that.

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It’s all doable, but not as simple as it may seem. Most people probably assume the widget is part of the app, but it is actually a separate app.

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Its funny, I love messing with custom ideas, workflows and functions in notion but I can get straight to writing and organizing in Agenda.

I rarely ever use notion beyond a kanban even with all the work that goes into integrating the databases. I end up spending most of my time there playing with the no code software instead of actually being productive lol

Agenda just has such a solid design, purpose and feel. I still get a little confused every now and then with closing a note and I know theres features I havent used yet but I really do love agenda.

Keep up all the good work!


Thanks for sharing @phillipmichael, lovely to hear!

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I know you‘re asking for actual notes to show.

Perhaps having the option to display pinned searches in the widgets would bring the functionality a bit closer to what you want and possibly much easier to implement.

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