iOS Views - more than "On the agenda"?

I have Mac premium but for my phone, the free IOS Agenda. (I bought mac premium maybe the day IOS came out?)

On the iphone ios Agenda, I can only see the “on the agenda” view. No other option appears in a dropdown menu at the top. Is that the free version?

I searched Community & didn’t see this problem; went to settings on my phone, but there’s nothing. Don’t see any way to get to settings or preferences within the IOS app itself.


You can slide the side panels out on the left and the right. Slide your finger from the edge toward the middle. Settings are in the right panel at the bottom-left, and the projects will appear in the left panel.

Another way to get them out is to tap the gray handle half way up the screen on each side.

Hope that helps!

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Belated Thanks! Because you were so good, here’s a follow up:

Is there a way to make Today the default I see on the iphone?

Not at the moment I’m afraid. The problem is unrelated though in that the iOS app should remember the last selection you had before the app was quit, however this doesn’t work reliable at the moment, we hope to fix that soon.