iOS text input problems

This is an oddity I am noticing with Agenda on iOS12

Starting with an empty note the first line types normally, the problem is when I overflow the first line and type on the second. For want of a better word, the ‘container’ for the note doesn’t expand automatically so I end up typing my second line ‘in the dark’ so to speak. If I tap on the note then the container expands revealing the second line but with the cursor in a strange place, basically the place you tapped to expand the note, not behind the last character typed.

Experimenting with this further it happens on both my iPad Pros (10.5 and a 2018 12.9) but it is only happening on the two largest font size choices, the smaller ones work as expected.

This is with the latest version App Store of Agenda (not the beta, I’m still waiting to get on that) and the current version of iOS 12

I realize we missed this one at the time, but is this still happening?

It’s still happening with me here, today 26th of January after the recent App Store update.


Al :sunglasses:

Hi Guys

I’ve just checked with 4.1.1 which has just launched here, and the problem still exists. I know there was no mention of a fix in the update notes but I thought I’d mention any way :wink:



Would it be possible to make a screen recording at email it to

Hi Alex

Please find attached a screencast as requested. This is happening on both my iPad Pros when the text size is set to maximum or one less than maximum. The Agenda version is 4.1.1 and the iOS version is the latest public release. Let me know if you need more info, or if you have anything you would like me to try

Many thanks


Thanks we’ll investigate

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