iOS Tag Manager doesn’t display Values from Tags

When I create a Tag with a Value the Tag shows up differently on the iOS & macOS Tag Manager.

The Tag: „TestTag“ with the Value „ValueExample“ shows up on macOS as „TestTag(ValueExample)“, where as iOS shows the Tag as „TestTag“.
If I click on the Tag on the Tag Manager and search for it, then it searches for the Tag with the Value. So the Tag Manager just doesn’t display the Value like macOS.
I would assume that both Systems should show the Tag Values the same way.

Here are Pictures to show how the same Tags get displayed on iOS (Light Mode) & macOS (Dark Mode)

macOS Tag Manager

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look at the difference between the two.

Quick Follow-Up: The newest TestFlight Build has fixed this and it works/shows the Values now as expected, thank you!

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Thanks for confirming!