iOS Shortcut - So, I made a shortcut for Task Managing on Agenda



I started a while ago to use Agenda for project managing (either stuff at work or homework at college) and I absolutely fell in love with it. At the time I was using OmniFocus for managing tasks throughout the day, but I always found it too complicated and wanted something simpler and integrated with my notes and projects, hence my attempt to use Agenda as a “replacement” for OmniFocus.

I created a new Category called “!To-Do” (I put the ! so it always stays on top) and created 3 projects inside (Personal, Work and College) and started playing around with it, but I got lazy and made a shortcut to create tasks from my phone homescreen.

It basically asks the title of the task (which is the task itself), the project it goes to, and whether I want to add a note to it and a due date, then it uses X-Callback to create the task on the app.

Link to the Shortcut:

I’m not sure if this is the most efficient way of doing this, but I’m really proud of the final thing.

Maybe in the future when support for more X-Callback functions is added (I’d really love to be able to export my tasks to a spreadsheet with one tap) I’ll create more stuff.

Hope it helps anyone who is trying to acomplish the same thing as I am.

Best regards.


Super Helpful!!! Thank you so much


Great post and shortcut! Thanks for sharing.

We hope to also add similar functionality with an app extension in the not too distant future, so you can enter notes in the siri screen without opening the app.


I just had a look at that shortcut you made, actually I hvaen’t dug much into shortcuts at all, it’s a sort of script, this seems to have a lot of possibilities.
Good job man, well done.
Are you doing a lot of that stuff on your phone?



Yes I am. I have to use a Windows machine at work so all my work-related projects are typed and updated through my phone.


How did you know how to create the callback function to actually create the note in agenda? Is there documentation about that? Do all apps have that kind of functions to create new input on the fly like that?


Yep, there is some documentation on this post: Import, Export, Sharing, and Automation


Great idea, well done. Off to check if I can adapt this so I have a daily plan Agenda note which I can send to my favourite scheduling app, Sorted3 which puts all tasks and calendar events on a beautiful very flexible Timeline


Awesome job - thanks for sharing. I’m a bit stuck like you… have to use Windows on work pc. Would willingy pay for something in Windows that communicated with Agenda as “Agenda for Windows” isn’t on the er… agenda. :cry:


I like the idea but get stuck at the end with the following error message:


This is really odd, the same thing happened to other people in another shortcut I made. Perhaps it has something to do with special characters, I see you’re using your phone in German, aren’t you trying to create a note (or assign it to a project) that contains the β by any chance?


Ok found it. No problem with ßäöü.

The project/category must be in agenda, as agenda needs it or do you have a version that is able to creates a new category or project


I don’t think you can create a new project using X-Callback, so you’ll need to change the project options inside the shortcut to match yours.