iOS Shortcut - Open any file in Agenda

Run this shortcut from the share sheet in the originating app. Should handle any file type:


Don’t think this one is working properly, or at least for me.

I want an easy way to attach a pdf (mostly from Mail or Safari) to an agenda file.

When I try to use your shortcut it seems to walk through the steps and flashes open Agenda twice but then nothing. Not quite sure what is supposed to happen but I didn’t get a new note nor an option to pick one to attach too.

It works fine for me from Safari and from email. It might be a problem with the filename. Also, you have to run the shortcut from the share sheet in the originating application. Can you share the link?

As long as the file is maintained in Snippets, works fine! When I move it to another category, the image is replaced by a cloud icon, which can’t be opened.

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And you can always change the project name to whatever you prefer…

@bas1 see @neill.cohen’s reply. You need to create the project “Snippets,” or change the shortcut to use a different project name.

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Thanks, I’ll check this out!

I updated the script to prompt for a project name.

Thanks, I just got it to work! Feels like a nice rabbit hole has been opened, going to check out your other shortcuts asap.


Not working for me. What is being referenced on the circled in red portion of the Shortcut in the image attached-

You have to run the shortcut from the share sheet of the originating app. The share sheet will pass the file you are trying to share to Shortcuts. The line you have circled is where this content is received.

Works like a charm. Thank you for all the effort you’ve put in to expand the functionality of Agenda.

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Thanks. Been looking for a digital replacement for my Franklin Planner for years. Agenda is the best alternative to date. The key for me is calendar integration. I am hopeful that these capabilities (inking, “open in”, reminder integration, etc.) will eventually be native to the app. For now, these shortcuts make Agenda more useful for me and I am happy to share.

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Ok! Got it working now. Nice job. (Wasn’t trying to respond to myself as much as to the post, Duh!)

As an aside, have you ‘talked’ with the Guys regarding a repository within the Community for Shortcuts?

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That’s a cool idea.

Seems like I spoke too soon. The script doesn’t prompt for a project name, so still losing items when dragging to a different project. Have you posted more than one link to the script? Perhaps I’m using an older version.

Same link. You may have to reinstall.

My thought was - if the Shortcut was in the Community structure and had similar ‘watch’ options, then when any changes (saves) by a creator were made to the Shortcut a notification could be emailed to a user of that specific Shortcut.

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Having some sort of shortcut sharing sounds like an interesting idea. Even if it was just a separate section of the community site where you could post the shortcuts. We will consider it.

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That’s great. Creator could post, users could comment, test, etc. Each Shortcut would have its own thread, with the Watch options available for User notification, if desired.