iOS Shortcut - Agenda Image (Open image in Agenda)

Use the iOS share sheet to export an image or pdf from any application and run this shortcut:

It will prompt you to preview/markup the file, create a new note using the the filename as note title and attach your image or pdf file to the note in Agenda as a GIF.

The shortcut creates the note in a project called Snippets. You may want to change this location.


I’m finding that this app works wonderfully with photos, but crashes when I import .PDF files from Safari and my Files (iCloud) folder.

Ed: I was able to upload a .PDF from Chrome.

I was able to get a pdf to upload, it was only one page but the quality was quite poor, does it get downscaled?

Yes, it does. It converts it to a gif. I only mention pdf because it’s useful if you want to export sketches from notability. I would not use it for regular documents.

Not sure why it broke, but this shortcut works best for images and sketches in pdf format (ex. from notability). I can create another shortcut for PDFs that does not manipulate or downsize the PDF.

Try this shortcut. It should handle any file type:

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Thank you for sharing this shortcut and confirming it is lower resolution. I was afraid I was doing something wrong!


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This updated version will import full resolution:

Ok, so the latest one works great if using iCloud files, if using a file from another source Dropbox or OneDrive then the file can’t be found error pops up. I also miss the markup feature a bit.

I’m new to shortcuts so I tried messing around with the first method you posted and found if you make the images a PDF that fixes that problem and keeps the markup but when doing more than one image or one page pdf it created all of the image file names into one and couldn’t save that and retrieve it. I know there are some text manupliation possibilities but I got lost really quick there!

Thank you for posting these!

I will test it with Dropbox and Onedrive. I created it mostly for apps like notability, turboscan, email attachments, safari, PDF expert, etc.

I replaced with the script from your second link, and the problem with photos persists. There is no project l prompt- it goes to Snippets. When I move to a different category in another project, I lose the image.

Hmmm. I will test.

Add these steps to your workflow and it will prompt you for the project name.

This link is the correct one:

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Thanks again! Been using it all day, and works like a champ on images and .pdfs.


Tried it but nothing happens. It does ask for the project name (being snippets by default) but then nothing added to Agenda. No error message either.