iOS shortcut actions for Agenda

When I export out of a number of apps such as Notes I get two choices related to Agenda: 1). Create new note in Agenda, and 2). Copy to Agenda. The first one creates a new note in Agenda but the note has no content. The second one executes but just also creates a new blank note. In both cases, back in the exporting program, I get the message that no data was passed to the action. Looking at each action’s contents, the first has only the expression “Create new note in Agenda” and the second one has only the expression “Copy to Agenda”. What do I need to do to make these two export commands (actions) work. I assume that they were created by Agenda during its installation.

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We are not aware of those commands. I don’t think we added them. Did you perhaps install a script or something that does this?

Can you perhaps send a screenshot of these commands?

My limited knowledge points me in the direction of iOS/iPadOS13 machine learning implementation. Repeatable User activity (copy/paste) is showing up in Apple’s Share sheet activity Without Full implementation ability. “It” knows (1) the User copies and (2) the user pastes to Agenda. IT combines the two without full implementation (e.g., nothing gets passed to Agenda when the User actually attempts to use the Share option). I noticed the same two options showed up in my generic Share sheet AFTER I created a Shortcut that actually performs the copy/paste to a new Note using the Agenda URL scheme options.

Drew, I think you hit the nail right on the head, the two Share options did appear after I had performed these acts several times the old fashion way. I did look at creating a shortcut but couldn’t, figure how to do it. Would you be willing to share your shortcut which uses the Agenda URL method. I am not familiar with method other than to read about it on the Agenda blog.

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Dr. Jim Gattis, P.E.

I am not expert with Shortcuts, but there have been a bunch of things posted in this section by other customers. Perhaps you can find something.

The good news is that we are working on a sharing sheet now, and will also address this type of functionality. Stay tuned!

+1 it happens the same to me. I’d like to add a link from Twitter. But it adds an empty note with the date as title.