iOS Sharesheet bug?

What I did: select sharesheet from Safari, selected agenda and either create a new note or a note I’ve already created, both have same symptoms.

What happened: nothing!

What I expected: I expected that the Safari url would be added to the note.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS 15.5, agenda app up to date

With all the sharing, you have to tap the Insert button on the keyboard bar. That is because the shared item can be inserted anywhere in the text. This gives you the chance to move the cursor, and then press it.

So when you select a note, do you see the note appear in the screen? If so, try putting the cursor somewhere in the note, and then the Insert should appear.

No, note doesn’t appear.
It’s almost like the app crashes and returns to Safari once the actual note is selected.
I’ll delete and re-install the app to see if it fixes things!

Hi Simon,

This sounds like the note you try to load pushes the app extension over the memory limit. This can happen if the system is already tight on memory (a reboot of the device could help) or if the note you select is very memory intensive, for instance if it contains a lot of images/attachments. Does it work if you select a different note?

Hi guys,

A reinstall sorted it out!

Thanks for all the advice.

Glad to hear, let me know in case it returns.