iOS share sheet destination

What I want: the ability to define an inbox (OTA would be most natural) to place new shared links into a new generated note, or at least a way to define one note to deliver a new link to, so I can move it later.

What I see happening: the last note you opened on any device is the default destination for the share. Navigation is difficult to get to the note you want to add the link to. At least the shared link is persistent and doesn’t get lost while you navigate.

On the phone: 1) it’s harder to navigate to the right note. 2) The way iOS lets you select text, it’s very hard, because of the formatting lozenge that appears right below your section of copied text, to select the whole article (body copy in a website) to copy to a new note. I have to do this in the laptop after I save the link.

Indeed, we have plans to create something of an inbox as part of the standard items in Agenda. As a workaround many users simply create an Inbox project or note. Given that the sharing extension will remember the last note you shared to, once selected you can just (re)use that.