iOS: open links in Chrome

It would be so great if Agenda allowed users to set a preference to open links in Chrome (or another browser of choice but at least Chrome to start) - instead of just defaulting to Safari. Please please!

I am pretty sure Agenda will use whatever the default browser is. We don’t favor Safari or anything like that.

Is there a default browser setting in the Settings app? If so, setting that should work.

No, iOS doesn’t have that preference function to select your own default browser, the way macOS does.

But many iOS apps, such as Fantastical, Spark, Tweetbot, and many others have their own preference settings that allow this.

Please make that happen.

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I see. We’ll take it on board. Thanks for the suggestion!

I second this but for Firefox.

Another vote from here!

Is there a better way to vote than spamming the thread?

Any update on this?

No update at this point I’m afraid.