iOS missing Today link

What I did: in Today Overview, looked for little circle icon to jump to current date as available in MacOS

What happened: no icon link or obvious way to jump to current date

What I expected: to not have to scroll through the calendar to get to Today’s date

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): v. 13.1.1, iOS 15.1

Weird. I see it:

Weird that I do not. Screenshot attached.

That icon is in the right panel. Have you tried opening the right panel?

Yes, I see it in the right panel. Pressing it snaps the calendar list to the current date, but does nothing to the main window view which remains on a previous date until I scroll through dates with the up/down arrows.

Note that if you select the Today overview in the sidebar (the one below On The Agenda) you can step through days using the arrow keys. You can also select a custom range (and jump per week for example) by clicking the loupe, followed by the calendar icon to select a date (range):

Yes, thank you. That’s a great feature. I am also looking for a way in iOS to jump to the current date in the “Today” overview. If I don’t use the Today overview for a few days, I have to click through many days to get to the current date. On MacOS, there is a button next to the arrows you have circled that jumps to the current date. Looking for a similar button for iOS.

Love the app. It’s open all the time.

Right now there’s no such button on iOS, the workaround is to tap the loupe icon, then the calendar icon next to the search field and select “today”. We’ll see if we can make this easier on iOS indeed.

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Going to Overviews on the left sidebar, with macOS and iPadOS, always “Today” is shown, but in iOS, the last set date. Is that the problem discussed on this Topic or is this something else?

That’s indeed a known issue we hope to resolve in the next update.