• 表格功能
  • 图片附件
  • 全局新建任务或笔记的快捷键
  • 可选择新建任务卡默认状态是展开还是收缩
  • 日历提醒项不能从Agenda内删除
  • 链接提醒事项
  • 日历项目的地址不能链接Maps
  • 卡片可以升级等级,例如把卡片升级成1个:Project
  • 不同的Project可以分离窗口打开
  • 中国人比较习惯一周的开始时间是周一
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In addition to the hope of support, I also hope to join these features. Thank you

Table function
Image attachment
PDF, OFFICE attachment
Global shortcut to create a new task or note
Can choose whether the new task card default state is expanded or contracted
Calendar reminder cannot be deleted from Agenda
Link reminder
The address of the calendar item cannot be linked to Maps
The card can be upgraded, for example to upgrade the card to one: Project
Different Projects can separate windows to open
Chinese people are more accustomed to the start of the week is Monday

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, many of those points are on our roadmap.

Re: start of the week. That should work with your locale setting for the OS. Based on where you are located, it should update which day is the start of the week. In Europe, for example, it is Monday, and in the USA it is Sunday. It should update to whatever setting you have for China.


We’re based in Europe, it must have been the time difference :smiley:

these features are also my expectation ; I’m looking forward to the early implementation of these features,thanks!!!

especially support chinese