iOS long press on note

It will be great if on iPhone when you have list of notes than you long press (former 3d touch) the options came up, rather select the note than select settings weal. Just sound more user friendly to me.


Thanks for the feedback. We will consider it.

this would be really helpful. especially to replace the cog button; if i have a long note or a collapsed note - i have to open the note and/pr scroll all down to get the button. if i (for example) would like to get the link to a note, there are too many clicks.
thx, rogr

and not only on iphone, but for ios (i work mostely on ipad) :upside_down_face: thx

The problem of the long tap is that you will very likely hit the text area of the note and this already has a set of long-tap options. It would then become quite fiddly if you have to tap the right area of the note to get the menu you want.

ok, I see; what about a long press on the title? My idea is to get faster to the cog button‘s menu.

Otherwise; would it be possible to place the cog button in the title; so you don‘t have to scroll down or open a note (if collapsed) to get to this menu

All of these we have considered. The long press on the title suffers from what I had mentioned, that then only part of the note responds to a long press, which if you don’t immediately get that it is the title area, can be either easy to miss or a very frustrating experience.

Moving the cog wheel to the top we have considered, but this makes it equally annoying if you are typing at the bottom of a longer note, where you’d now have to scroll up instead of hitting it straightaway.