iOS keyboard swipe feature lagging and dropping letters

What I did: When editing a note on iOS I usually swipe across letters on the keyboard to quickly write words.

What happened: The lag between my interaction with the iOS keyboard and the words appearing in Agenda is the slowest I’ve seen in any app. Sometimes I swipe a word like “agenda” and the note only gets some of the letters, like “ad” instead of the full word.

What I expected: Responsive text to appear almost simultaneously with my keyboard actions and most of the time to have good accuracy as well.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I’m using the latest version of Agenda on an iPhone 12 Pro with the latest iOS version. This behavior has been happening for at least the past year I think and has caused me to favor using Agenda on my iPad with a physical keyboard instead. But the iPhone is still often a go to when I’m on the move. This issue only seems to happen with the iOS software keyboard.

Is this a problem in all notes? I just tried it, and it seemed to work OK, though I don’t typically use the swipe approach.

We are aware of issues with typing, eg, near to images/attachments. That is a bug, and can lead to letters being dropped.

Perhaps you can start a new note and see if it is fast in that. If so, try to isolate the scenario where it gets slow. Eg. attachments, tables, large notes, large projects