iOS Font Feedback

Just like to point out that the iOS font is really nice!


I agree! It might sound childish, but whether I like the font on an app has a lot to do with whether I make a great deal of use of it or quickly get irritated and move on to another, and I find the Agenda font easy on the eye and very pleasing to use :+1:

Me too. It’s the ‘body’ SPACING (wasted space) that drives me bat ‘shite’. :wink:

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I’d agree, a smaller line height would be preferable. But still. Font!

I like the font. But I´d also like a color option for highlighting words etc :slight_smile:

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I have installed font Calibri to my iPad and Mac and I would be glad for option to change my notes’ texts font to Calibri. Or any other font installed on device.

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