iOS Files app integration?

Hello, any plans for iOS Files app integration? I attached screenshot how I imagine that. It would allow to better manage backups of notes and also attachements in whole Agenda app.

Unfortunately we can’t easily do the for Agenda. The internal format is not a simple text file, it is an advanced format we need for syncing and other features. So showing you the data would not help, I’m afraid — it is unreadable.

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I know that data are unreadable. It was meant for easier backup of notes to external storage, like I do on Mac version of Agenda by exporting Agenda file and then to save it to 3 safe locations (cloud, second cloud, external storage).

As for attachements - this could make managing attachements much easier, especially for iOS Files app power users like me.

Well, the data is there, in the Group Container. But where exactly iOS is putting that is not as simple as on the Mac. iOS will use random paths etc. It’s a completely different system to the Mac.

If you have a tool for browsing the iOS device, you could try to locate the Group Containers folder, and then look for Just back up what is in there. (It should also be included in a standard iCloud backup.)