iOS Calendar links- what happens when calendar rolls off?

I am a new user and am quite wow’ed by Agenda but have a question that I want to understand before I go all in. (I searched and did not find an answer).

I use Agenda on my mac but most of the time on my ios device. The iOS device is set to only keep calendar items for a couple of months- not all eternity.

What happens to linked notes when a date on the calendar ages out? It seems the functionality is best when the calendar is there to help find items from a specific date.

Also- When it rolls off on my ios device- what happens on my mac? The calendar item is still there but does the change on the ios device break the link when sync’ed?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Agenda captures the info if the calendar event at the time of linking the note to the event, which means that at all times it will show the right date and fact that it’s linked in the header of the note. However, if the event is removed from the iOS calendar the calendar event will not be shown in the related panel on the right, as you can’t navigate to the event in the Calendar app either.

Given the link info is preserved by Agenda, the moment you sync to the Mac where the calendar event is present, you’ll immediately see it again in the related panel, and it should indicate that it is linked to your note.