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My always-on mac isn’t yet on Ventura, so I have some automated shortcuts from my iPhone instead. Primarily @heyscottyj 's daily log which creates a new note every morning. However, that note doesn’t appear in Agenda on my macs until I open Agenda on my iPhone… which I haven’t managed to build a habit to do. So most mornings when I sit down at my mac and start rapid logging I have to break my workflow to retrieve my phone, unlock it, open agenda before trying to regain my train of thought.

The shortcut runs every morning on my iPhone, in the background without any intervention which means my phone can be locked and it works (unlike the previous iteration which used x-callback-url and needed to be unlocked).

Is there any trick to get Agenda to similarly sync in the background without having to have the phone in use and opening Agenda?

Make sure to check how things work after the Agenda 17 update is out, we made a number of improvements in this area.

As well, with Shortcuts actions being made to be cross-platform, I will update them to use the Shortcuts actions instead of URL scheme, which I believe will be better for data updates.

No promises, but will try to time up with the release of 17.


I haven’t been paying attention to release cycles - do we know roughly when that will be?

Hey Scotty! I was meaning to send them to you - I did rebuild your Daily Agenda Journal and Rapid Log with OF shortcuts to use the shortcuts actions… The rapid log was a modification, the daily agenda journal was a rebuild with yours in another window :slight_smile:

Amazing! Are these posted anywhere? I’d love to link to your work.

Nope - as they’re just small modifications of your shortcuts I didn’t think to blog about them, just meant to send them to you as a “Pull Request” :smiley: which I then forgot about.

(other than as the icloud links above of course)

I haven’t been paying attention to release cycles - do we know roughly when that will be?

In 2-3 weeks we hope.

Thanks - just got access to the beta and it seems to be working awesome!

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Glad to hear that!