iOS app should support non-full-screen PDF previews

I can embed a PDF in a note, and the iOS app offers to let me “Preview” it, which opens it in a full-screen viewer. This is convenient, except it means I can’t easily switch between the note and the PDF (e.g. if I need to keep referring to the PDF while writing notes). I’d love to see the PDF viewer instead be a kind of “full-screen drawer” like what does for its compose sheet, so I can minimize it to get back to my note, and then maximize it again, without losing my position in the PDF.

The context for my workflow here is I’m running a lot of technical interviews lately, and as part of my interview prep I set up an Agenda note that embeds the candidate’s résumé. I take my iPad to the interview and write my interview feedback directly into the Agenda note during the interview. Not being able to have their résumé open while I take notes is irritating as it means I have to pause my note-taking if I need to be able to refer to their résumé during the conversation.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I can see why you would want that. I’m a bit worried it is quite difficult to do though, but we will keep it in mind.

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